Posted by: yakerbass | October 14, 2008

Paignton Sea Anglers Asells Fishing Comp Sunday 12-10-08

I don’t get many opportunities to fish on a Sundays but one came up this week to fish our local club comp The Ansells.

I made my way out to Brixham breakwater to meet up with Paul Mark & Marks friend Paul around about sunrise.

It was a very misty morning that made fishing difficult due to visibility, we were float fishing light tackle with live Prawn hoping for a nice early morning Bass, It did not take Paul long to hook up with our first of the day, mark and myself followed closely behind, not big fish around the 2lb mark.

As the tide started to move out so did the fish with no more Bass that morning, Paul and co had packed up and ready to Call it a day, I said to Paul just want a couple of casts and I would join them.

It was a good choice, my float shot under and I connected with a big fish that took me into a reef this was no Bass I knew that the fish I had on was A big Wrasse.

I could see the fish tangled around kelp I really thought I was going to lose this battle due to the light tackle, I had to take a chance and give the fish some line hoping that it would not take me in deeper, It worked the fish made a move and it came free from the kelp, Mark went down to net it for me (thanks Mark) what a beauty it went 6-7-0 and took second place in our local club comp. Click here & here

You don’t mind second place when a fish like this wins what a

fantastic Bass 14-8, well done Fred

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