Posted by: yakerbass | July 22, 2008

A Bass Sunrise

Just off the back of seven days of hard graft at work I needed to get out fishing, conditions could not of been better. What a fantastic day,of course the icing on the cake would be Bass !!!

The alarm went off at 4am a bit early but so keen to get out and see the sunrise and catch fish, got to Pauls just after 4:30 to find him ready to go.

We headed to a local mark that had produced very well last year in the hope that all the fish we had released  would be back for us this year ( mmm probably in a commercial net more like )

We arrived just after 5 with a bucket full of medium sized prawns not up to the massive ones we fished with late into october last year but big enough to catch.

BASS ! it did not take long to entice the first of eight fish we had this morning, felt so good to be fishing again, about an hour later Paul hooked into a small fish but not long after he felt the knock of a 3 pounder in prime condition this was turning into a good session.

It ended up 4 fish each that ranged from 2 to 3lb fish, fantastic sport we wanted to return all the fish but due to one fish hooking through the gills and one fish getting hooked deep from past experience we decided to keep them, there is nothing worse than returning a fish to the sea to find it has not survived, but six fish returned to fight another day.


  1. Nice fishing lads well done. Do you rate live prawns and shrimps as any good for bass fishing and how do you present them ?

  2. HI Glennk thanks for your comments, yes Prawns are an excellent Bass bait, the best way to present them is hook through the tail once.

    we are going to do a feature on how to collect or trap prawn, and the float rig that we use

    Regards Rob

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