“Hello” It’s now the start of the 2009 season with a nice selection of spring fish showing, hope you enjoy my fishing reports from around Devon also this year I am lucky enough to be visiting Mexico on a Family holiday.With a little luck and clever planning I should be able to get out a few times, I will report my fortunes here in May time.

Lots of things have changed over the winter I have sold my prowler 15 due to back issues ( missing it already) but A friend has it now and still have use so very happy with that set up : )

 I have a new tool to help with fishing in 2009,.Excel 385 HD Inflatale with a Yamaha F20 Outboard plus Garmin Sounder and GPS



my youtube


  1. ” Hello ” I’m one of the three mentioned in the above Blog written by Rob Jones, the other being my brother Paul Chinnock.
    Paul and I have been shore fishing together for many years now, but it was through kayak fishing we met Rob ( yakerbass ) about three years ago. Kayak fishing is now becoming a increasingly popular sport.The type of kayaks we use are sit on tops made by Ocean Kayak ( Prowler 15 ) ,we have added a few accessories to our kayaks such as fish finders, G.P.S.,anchor systems,rod holders & with safety in mind V.H.F radio.

    We hope to be filling the blog soon with our reports…

    Regards Mark Chinnock


  2. Hi fellow kayakers and fishermen,My name is Paul Chinnock also one of the above named nutters.I love fishing especially from the kayak and our shore bass outings which we have every year in different locations around the s/w coast.Rob is my best mate and mark is my brother,we have some very good laughs along the way so if any one wants to come out or see some of the fun we have give us a shout or just watch the videos on youtube.

    all the best paul chinnock

  3. hey guys
    nice site, i’ve followed your exploits since our trip to salcombe(great day) i fished salcombe a few weeks ago , coming back with a 2lb plaice, first one from a kayak, anytime you lot want some company , kayak or shore i’m always up for it

    i like the new streamlined look paul

    anyone reading this needs to watch robs videos, funny as hell

  4. HI John Glad you liked the vid, well done on the plaice we are after them little blighters just cant seem to get a break in the weather.

    Nice to hear from you and yes we will give you a shout

  5. hi jonsok

    nice to hear from you,glad you like the hair mate its a new look for the summer.the lads said i needed to lose some weight so that is why i did it lol,it will be good to see you out some time ,we have been trying but the weather has beaten us a bit,

  6. i’ve been out today, i took my brother out to thatcher rock, caught some nice pollock, he’s now hooked on kayaking, he’s looking to buy a prowler 13, so another one for the southwest group
    cya about

  7. Hi jonsok

    It’s good to here from you again, nice plaice mate we must all meet up again this summer. I was out a few weeks back had fun with some schoolie bass on light gear, waiting for that Big one still this year!

    See you & your bro soon


  8. I’m just starting out in kayak fishing (I’m PuppySandwiches on YouTube). I’ve been enjoying your videos! Looking forward to getting in amongst the fist asap.

  9. Nice yakchap hope you have lots of fish on your new yak and don’t forget we are here to help so any questions you have we will be more than happy to answer.

  10. Hi, Great site. I hired a Kayak at Oxwich Bay, Gower on Sunday and I’m bitten by the bug. I really fancy buying one for fishing and fun. I will need to research as much as possible before I commit to buy. Your site is brilliant for info.
    Why Prowler 15’s?

  11. HI Trussman thanks for your kind comments, I am glad you enjoyed your paddle in Oxwich Bay.

    the best thing that you can do is visit this site and join the forum, it is full of good information and the people here are very welcoming.

    so many people have been in the same situation as you and received excellent info from here, sign up and troll through the posts about beginners and what kayak to chose http://www.anglersafloat.com

    myself and my friends chose prowler 15’s because it fitted the criteria we needed but there are so many out there it is a bit of a mine field.

    hope this helps Regards Rob

  12. hi there every 1 i have just got into kayak fishing and i have just got the new tarpon 100 and i want to fit a fish finder on it and wanted to know if you could tell me witch one i should go for and what batteries i should use thanks

    • HI Jason Tarpon 100 nice Yak, you don’t need an expensive one all you are using it for is to look for features on the bottom that may hold fish, so just a basic one will do you fine. I would recommend a small 12 volt gel battery I go one for about £12 and the pick up a charger that will do the job.
      If you need any help join this forum, really good bunch of people here they will be more than happy to help you : )

      Hope this helps
      Regards Rob

  13. Hi, just bought a Clear Blue Hawaii Lanikai inflatable due to size restrictions (cant store a hard top) and living in paignton, can you recommend any fishing hot spots and rig tips ?

    • Hey Mad EEL
      If you have transport I would say try meadfoot / hopes nose, free parking, easy launching and a very good variety of fish to be had in this area

      Rigs to use depend on fish you want to catch, a really simple but deadly rig to use on the yak is 2/0 hook on 4 to 5 ft of 10 to 14 lb trace then a medium to large swivel (depending on tide) onto your main line, use live eel that you can buy from the back beach at Teignmouth. Basically free lining live bait

      Drift this on your Yak and you will catch Bass, Mac, Gar, Pollock……. hope this helps

      PS Be careful of hooks on your inflatable yak !

  14. I’ve been experimenting with an inflatable yak now for a year and found them to be practical enough. Sadly my first yak has now expired, having developed a split in the seam that will cost as much to repair as the boat did. I’d be interested to hear your opinions of of your new inflatable boat as I am about to experiment with one of those American style inflatable pontoon boats. Happy fishing.

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